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Journey Into The Wilds Of Your Imagination....

Learn how to create hyper-realistic animals, nature and things that capture hearts... using only colour pencils and your heart.

Imagine being able to develop your drawing skills with colour pencils with access to hundreds of hours of real time drawing videos, where you can learn not only 'HOW' to use different techniques and strategies but also the 'WHY' so you can apply what you learn to your own drawings.


  • You love drawing with colour pencils but feel stuck with how to improve your creations,
  • You feel unsure what techniques to be using and how to apply them correctly,
  • You don't know what colours to choose and how to layer them to get the desired effect,
  • You wish you could produce realistic animal drawings that you could be proud of,
  • You wish you had someone you could ask questions and seek advice to help you improve,


You don't have to keep struggling away on your own trying to find the answers to your colour pencil questions, I'll give you access to everything you need to help you. 


  • Real time video tutorials which are added each month (through themes of countries and the animals and nature you find there)
  • Access to all previous videos,
  • Videos where I explain not only the 'how' but the 'why'
  • A monthly Q&A where you can ask any colour pencil related questions,
  • An option to upgrade to receive personalised monthly video feedback on your drawing.

As well as;

  • Opportunities to suggest themes and countries,
  • take your vote on photographs to draw each month.

Are you ready to take your colour pencil drawing skills further?..... Is that a yes?.....

Choose Which Tier Suits Your Needs The Best

Explorer Tier

per month
By joining this tier, you will;

  • have access to new tutorial videos each month plus any previously released videos.**  Videos will consist of a variety of full drawing, small studies and learning how to draw different textures.  There will be approx. 10-14 hours worth of video released each month,
  • be provided with reference photos, outlines and a materials list for each drawing (videos are available to watch online and are not downloadable due to their sheer size),
  • able to submit your questions for the monthly Q&A session which I shall record.
*Your subscription will remain at £15pm for as long as you are subscribed on this tier.  If you choose to cancel at any point and then sign back up, or you switch tiers, it will be at what that price is.
**Please note videos are not downloadable and can only be accessed for the period you choose to be subscribed for.

Globetrotter Tier

per month
By joining this tier, you will;

  • have access to all the content from the Explorer tier
  • you can submit one drawing a month for personalised feedback to help you develop your skills further and push your art to the next level. I will give you constructive advice through creating you video feedback. 

*Your subscription will remain at £25pm for as long as you are subscribed on this tier.  If you choose to cancel at any point and then sign back up, or change tiers, it will be at that price.
**Please note videos are not downloadable and can only be accessed for the period you choose to be a member.

Scroll to the FAQ section at the bottom for more information on materials. You can also find out more information and see examples of students drawings.

Please note that whilst reference photos, material lists and outlines are downloadable, videos are available to view online. They are not downloadable due to the sheer size of the files.


What Will I Get?

  • Access to a bank of exclusive video tutorials to follow along and learn from ( for as long as you are subscribed)
  • New content that will be added each month either in the form of working towards a full picture, small studies or learning how to draw textures (see individual levels for what and how much content to expect)
  • Flexibilty to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule (for as long as you are subscribed)
  • Access to downloadable outlines, reference photos and a materials list for each drawing.
  • The opportunity to submit your questions each month for a recorded Q&A session which you can watch at a time convenient to you.
  • The opportunity to connect and share your work with other artists who share your interests and goals.
  • Help shape the group by having the opportunity to submit your suggestions and vote on themes and pictures to draw.
  • Submit one drawing a month for a personalised video critique to help you improve your skills and techniques (GLOBETROTTER TIER ONLY)
  • See the FAQs below for more information.

Timelapse Of A Kingfisher

Watch this timelapse video of how I drew a kingfisher bird which is one of the in-depth tutorials available in the membership.

The Story Behind Draw Around The World

For a long time I have had a vision of creating a place where I can put over 15 years of teaching skills to good use to help people on their art journey. As well as having a passion for teaching, colour pencils and drawing, I love exploring and learning about different locations and all that they hold.

My aim with this group is to teach people, giving them the knowledge and skillset to learn how to draw animals, nature and places from around the world with colour pencils and other drawing media. Travel isn't always easy and I'm sure many of us couldn't just pack up on a whim and travel wherever we want to see animals and nature in far flung places. So the next best thing is to incorporate it into my drawing from the comfort of my studio. And so that is how my idea for Draw Around The World In Colour Pencils began!

About Me

Hello! I'm Isobel Buckley, the artist behind Izzy's Art and Izzy's School Of Art. I'm a wildlife and pet portrait artist and teacher with a passion for colour pencils. I am a qualified teacher, with over 15 years of experience of teaching children before making the move to become a full time professional artist in 2016. Some of my achievements include being shortlisted for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2015 and Artist of the Year 2016. I have also won a couple of art competitions and had my drawings included in exhibitions such as at the Mall Galleries in London. I love teaching and helping people to learn and develop their colour pencils skills. So come and join me at Izzy's School Of Art and let me show you how!

What People Are Saying About My Tutorials And Courses

Artboard 1

"I first saw Izzys work on You tube and when I saw she was doing a course on drawing a tiger I just had to join .

I was not disappointed the course is jam packed with information, starting off with the basic information to get you started, with all materials downloadable. After each study you get feedback from Izzy which is super helpful . Izzy is an amazing teacher and has put so much time into creating this course. I have really enjoyed doing this course and have seen a great improvement in my drawing and would highly recommend it."

— Lorna Davidson

Artboard 1

OMGG! You are amazing 'live'! Your intro was just on point utterly down to earth and just so welcoming x

— Scott Sneddon

Artboard 1

"Izzy has done an excellent job building a course that explains the necessary knowledge when drawing in coloured pencils! When learning a medium such as coloured pencil, I find it essential to understand the layering process and Izzy not only explains it but it is all in real-time so you can watch the techniques put to work. She explains why she is doing what she is doing, as she does it! The format is great because you start with each individual subject and work up to drawing a full tiger with background. I learn better this way by focusing on different aspects then putting them together. Very excited to learn how to draw tigers and improve my knowledge."

— Sean T