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Learn How To Draw Tigers In Colour Pencils

Learn how to draw tigers in colour pencils through real time videos and replays of live demos teaching you the techniques and skills you need to apply to the studies. During this course you will work at your own pace through a series of drip fed studies, leading up to creating a full tiger picture.

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Please note that whilst reference photos, material lists and outlines are downloadable, videos are available to view online. They are not downloadable due to the sheer size of the files.

Would you like to learn how to draw different parts of a tiger?

Are you feeling stuck with how to make your animal drawings look realistic?

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with how to draw whiskers and different lengths and textures of animal hair?

Does drawing a tiger with a background feel too complicated?

Wouldn't it be great if someone could show you how to draw tigers in colour pencils and take away the time it would take to work it out yourself?

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Tiger Course


There are lots of aspects to drawing realistic tigers in colour pencils, so if you find them tricky, you are not alone! It's normal to feel overwhelmed.  I mean, where do you start? How do you know what techniques and colours to use?

But what if you had someone showing you and explaining to you step by step?

Even better what if you could watch them in you own time?

What if I told you I have exactly what you are looking for?

The brilliant news is if you were nodding your head then you are going to love this! My Learn How To Draw Tigers In Colour Pencils course is available to help you learn how to draw these magnificent animals and teach you the skills to help you to do this. It is designed to help you learn through real-time videos where I break it down step by step so you can draw along with me. You will be able to work through the studies which are broken down into the different aspects of a tiger, where I teach you the techniques I use for each, before learning how to draw a full final picture of one. There will also be replays of live demos to give you even more support with using the techniques used in the studies.


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OMGG! You are amazing 'live'! Your intro was just on point utterly down to earth and just so welcoming x

— Scott Sneddon

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Such a brilliant course! I have learnt so much along the way and Izzy has really helped me to develop my confidence. I now feel able to take what I have learnt and try my own tiger drawings.

— Lucy P

"I first saw Izzys work on You tube and when I saw she was doing a course on drawing a tiger I just had to join .

I was not disappointed the course is jam packed with information, starting of with the basic information to get you started, with all materials downloadable. Then you move on to do 7 studies which give you the tools to a final piece. After each study you get feedback from Izzy which is super helpful . Izzy is an amazing teacher and has put so much time into creating this course. I have really enjoyed doing this course and have seen a great improvement in my drawing and would highly recommend it."

— Lorna Davidson

"Izzy has done an excellent job building a course that explains the necessary knowledge when drawing in coloured pencils! When learning a medium such as coloured pencil, I find it essential to understand the layering process and Izzy not only explains it but it is all in real-time so you can watch the techniques put to work. She explains why she is doing what she is doing, as she does it! The format is great because you start with each individual subject and work up to drawing a full tiger with background. I learn better this way by focusing on different aspects then putting them together. Very excited to learn how to draw tigers and improve my knowledge."

Sean T



I have used Caran D'ache Luminance with a couple of Derwent Lightfast pencils. If you don't have these pencils then I have provided an alternative colour pencil chart to try and help you or you can just use any similar colours you have.


I have used Hahnemhühle Nostalgie paper which is a fairly smooth white paper with a very fine texture.

(All studies and the final full picture will be drawn on this paper.  If you cannot get it or choose not to use it then the closet substitute would be a vellum or smoothish white paper.  Please be aware if you choose a different surface then it may behave slightly differently to what I am demonstrating)

Other materials I have used include;

Colour Pencil Whitener

(such as Brush & Pencil Titanium White & Touch up Texture or Pearl Burnish Liquid White)

a small soft brush,

a Slice Cutter,

Blu-Tac or putty rubber.

Please note that whilst reference photos, material lists and outlines are downloadable, videos are available to view online. They are not downloadable due to the sheer size of the files.

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Tiger Course


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